Tuesday, February 2, 2010

End of month wrap-up...

Writing this as I watch The Biggest Loser. Tell me you watch too!? If you don't, you really should! Such an inspirational show! I can relate to so many different aspects and it never ceases to amaze me how determined and successful a person can be if they want to.

So, can you believe it's February? It's already staying longer lighter; have you noticed? Oh, how it makes me so happy! I am itching for spring! So ready for warmer walks, birds chirping when the sun comes up, the smell of a warm rain, green grass and green trees. Sounds perfect huh?!

Okay, so many of you have been asking for a recent photo and I promise I've been meaning to get one up but I just haven't yet, BUT... it will be soon. Promise!


And, it's that time again...my end of the month update and January was very good to me!

This month, I lost 12.2 lbs which brings me down to 187.8 lbs. That means I've lost a total of 95.2 lbs in 6.5 months! My average weekly loss is at 3.28 lbs/week! Only 5 more lbs and I will have lost 100 lbs!!!!! I should reach that goal over the next 2 weeks and then....I will post a photo of myself!

I also lost another 7" combined this month (same as December!). That's a total of 41.5" gone! Here's my specifics for the month:

Waist -2" (starting 48", current 38")
Thigh -.5" (starting 29", current 21.5")
Calf -.5" (starting 18.5", current 16.5")
Bust -2" (starting 49", current 41.5")
Upper Arm -2" (starting 17", current 12")

Didn't lose any in my hips or neck in January but here's my measurements anyway...

Hips - starting 51", current 41"
Neck - starting 15.5", current 14"

My BMI also continues to get smaller which is awesome. It was 30.3 at the beginning of the month and is now at 28.6. I am officially out of the obese category and am now just considered "overweight". Love that! Need to lose another 24 lbs and I'll be in the "normal" category, lol.

I am also down another size or two in my waist. I went from 14 to an 11/12 and can even get into a couple of 10's. That really blows my mind. I haven't worn those sizes for a LONG time...probably 14 or 15 yrs old and for me that's 20-21 years ago. Geez. It is an amazing feeling to walk into a regular store and pick out whatever I want and have it fit. Almost priceless!

My goal is still to get somewhere between 150-165lbs so that leaves me with about 20-35 more lbs until I'm done and start the maintain process. I can't believe how far I've come so quickly.

FYI: All my stats in my sidebar are updated if you want to take a peek...

Will be posting a few new recipes soon so keep an eye out if that interests you. Thanks for sticking with me! :)


Marjorie said...

Another great post. Wow 11/12, 10. WTG dear friend!

ox, Carole said...

I am soooo proud of you, Nicole!!
I bet of these days Kara will want to borrow your 'new' clothes!!

CoreyW said...

Nicole. wow! congratulations - you are doing amazingly well and I'm so proud of you. you are truly an inspiration. I wish I could afford a nutritionist so I could start getting results like you!

Can't wait to see the picture!!!!!!!

Maryfrances said...

More great news Nicole. You are doing fantastic. So happy for you.

Debi said...

Hey Nicole,

Im so jealous...but in a good way. Your goal weight is where I want to be..and to hear you say your BMI is almost normal is...well...seems so out of touch for me..but I bet it did for you too when you first started. I can't wait til I get to say I'm only a few more pounds before I'm in the normal range and not considered obese or even overweight.
Continue to write... as always, I find you a great inspiration.

Second Journey

Hannah said...

I am so excited for you!
I would love to be in a size 10, so I can only imagine how exciting that must be!!!!

Way to go girl...keep up the awesome work!

Judy B. said...

Congratulations Nicole! Been following your blog for a while now! You look absolutely fabulous and so very happy!

You are a wonderful inspiration! God bless you!!

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I don't think I have told you ENOUGH .... how AWESOME you are!
Love that you have done this site.

I'm rooting for your next goal!

Anonymous said...

oops ....

~Sasha Farina~ said...

brings a smile to my face. your spirit blows me away Nicole. *hugs*

Terrie Dominguez said...

Hi Nicole. I found your blog through my older sister Debbie. She told me about your story and I'm excited to look through your posts and follow along on your journey. You're doing an awesome job! Debbie has been meaning to introduce the two of us for a while now so we could swap blogs. :)