Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A REAL update...for REAL!

Okay, first of guys are hilarious. Thanks for the harassment about my wretched timeliness, lol. But really, doesn't it seem like time evaporates into thin air? Goodness.

Because it's been so long, I had to go look up my numbers and compare since my last post and since I'm so very close to my goal weight (will talk about that more below...) I don't weigh myself as often as I used to. For that matter, the same goes for my measurements, food-tracking etc. But mind you, I still keep a fairly close eye on what I eat, how I exercise and all of that, although now that I know my body and what happens when I eat something I shouldn't or when I don't exercise as I should, it makes it easier to not be as strict as I was before. I know about how many calories I consume without tracking just like I know what a serving looks like now without measuring everything. After 10-11 months, you just get the hang of it. ;)

So, the numbers...since my last post on March 29th. They may seem a little jumbled but my weight tends to fluctuate these days so these numbers are close enough to where I am.

-I've lost an additional 10-12lbs bringing me to a total of 112 -114lbs lost...
-I currently weigh anywhere between 170 -172lbs. But really, it can fluctuate a few more pounds than that too, lol. (I weighed 180.8 at the end of March)
-My BMI has went from 26.9 to 25.8 (only 8/10th's of a lb shy of being "normal" on the BMI scale!)
-I've lost an additional 6.5 inches. That's a total of 48 inches lost!
-I've went from wearing a 9/10 in my waist to a 6 or 8! (Started out a size 26!)-
-My shirt size can be anywhere between a small and a large. It depends on the store but I used to wear a 3x.
-I am also down another bra size and the girls seem to be happy there, lol.

I really feel like I'm getting to the point where I won't lose much more, although honestly, I would still like to lose another 10lbs but if I don't, I'm happy where I'm at. When I first started this journey, I had a goal weight of 150lbs but looking at everything now, I think that would be too thin for my build. I'd like to be somewhere around 160-165lbs. I feel like at that weight, I'd have 5lbs to play with up or down and I think I'd still be comfortable w/my weight. Having said that, I'm always having to remind myself of how far I've come and that I am NOT looking for perfection. I know that I have done my body a great deal of good. I am SO much healthier than I was and that alone is the more important thing. It makes it all worth it. I have rid myself of Insulin Resistance (a pre-diabetic condition), knee pain, chronic foot pain, lower back pain, exhaustion, chest pains, depression etc.

As always, I have more to say but I just wanted to get this posted. I'm also going to try and get an updated photo and will share when I have it.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


~jan said...

So nice to hear about what's been going on, Nicole! Congratulations on seeing this through-you are truly an inspiration!

Marjorie said...

Another great update. I think you've done an awesome job. Sounds like you are either almost ready for maintenance or into it already. WTG dear friend...

Maryfrances said...

Well, I am very proud of you and how far you have come. Congrats Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole, just stopped by to see how you are doing.
I don't get on FB much these days and trying to blog hop a bit to catch up with everyone.
Take care

Corey W. said...

you are a rock star. 'nuf said.

Michele said...

Found your blog through the Blogroll. Hope you come back soon. We are all in this together through our blogs. Michele